CPS-EX2000 2000W 19-Inch Rack-Mount & Wall-Mount, current & voltage programmable

  • Current & Voltage programming with interface 0-5V
  • Curtrent & Voltage programming with internal potis
  • OCP & OVP message
  • Current Share Bus for parallel operation
  • Master Slave Operation
  • Sense Mode
  • AUX +12V 500mA
  • Current Monitoring
  • Voltage Monitoring
  • Remote Shutdown
  • Inhibit (Interlock)
  • DC & AC Power Good Relay open/center/close
  • Fan Monitoring
  • Temperature warning & alarm
  • 6kW in a 2U & 10kW in a 3U subframe, >100kW scalable power system
  • Hard mount in 90° steps

STEP Dateien (ZIP)




Model CPS-EX2000(R2)
Continuous Power 2000W
Nominal Input Voltage 230Vac
Input Voltage Range AC 184-264Vac
Input Voltage Range DC 250-375Vdc
Hold-up Time 30ms
Inrush Current AC Electronic Inrush Limiter 14,6Arms
Startautomatic Softstart 100ms
Vout 24V 36V 48V 72V 110V
Vout prog. range or poti 24-30V 30-45V 45-58V 58-90V 90-150V
Iout prog. range or poti 42,0-84,0A 28,0-56,0A 21,0-42,0A 14,0-28,0A 9,1-18,2A
Ripply & Boise mVpp 35mV 50mV 75mV 100mV 200mV
Effeciency 94%
Basic Load Idling-proof
Short Cicuit Protection Continuous
Cooling Stepless controlled fans from EBM-Papst (Germany), flow front-to-rear
Dimensions 84x126,4x444mm, 2U or 3U Embedded or hard mount in 90° steps
Safety Standards EN61010-1, EN61010-2-201, EN62368-1, EN60204-1, EN60950-1
Input- /Output Isolation 3000Vac
EMI EN55032 class B and class A depending on models
EMS EN61000-6-2,3,4
MTBF 500.000h
Interface Voltage Programming 0-5Vdc or Internal Potentiometer
Interface Current Programming 0-5Vdc or Internal Potentiometer
Interface Voltage Monitoring 0-5Vdc
Interface Current Monitoring 0-5Vdc
DC Power Good Relay Yes
AC Power Good Relay Yes
Inhibit (Interlock) Yes
Sense Comepensation Yes
Remote Shutdown Yes
Continuous Mode Yes
Master Slave Mode Yes
Current Share Bus Yes
Fan Failure Monitor Yes
Temperature Monitor Yes