Product philosophy

Camtec Power Supplies provide safety and extended life-time.

Advanced Design...

Size ratio and power are standing well-balanced. Aware of physical headroom and high energy reserves, CAMTEC power supplies are not trimmed tiny. Our engineers design pro-power products with emphasis on ultimate lifetime and all-out product reliability. Connectors are mechanical oversized and electrical robust. Cabling connections are located in cool area.

Solid Mechanical Design

The mechanical size and the power are well-balanced. Our design consciously features life-time and reliability before a few cubic centimeters of volume savings. All mechanical and all power connections are robust and electrical oversized. Power connections remain in cool operation areas. Our elaborate temperature design protects sensitive parts from wear out. Endangered parts are fixed against shock and vibration, preferred flexible substructure.

Variable Inputs...

Camtec power supplies are made for worldwide operation. The input filter dimension and the typical hold-up-time healthy exceed standard requirements and the norms. The Camtec reliability and the rugged design set the benchmark.

Complex Loads? ...consequently No! to the Fuse-Breaker-Design

Camtec power supplies provide a stable control loop and a very low ripple and noise. Huge energy resources cover extended load changes. We consequently avoid excessive designs like the overpowered Fuse-Breaker technology. Instead of an uncontrolled and imperiling power-boost we count on stored high energy buffer, cyberspeed control loop and a controlled and continuous energy supply. A very long C/V chart without foldback provides safe start-up of critical loads. In the process the control circuit masters the power supply safely even under extreme operation conditions. The connected load is protected against damage and contrawise the load can be as complex as conceivable – the Camtec power supplies are built to bear each challenge.

High Efficiency...

Camtec product efficiency plays top-class. Most of our products meet the 90%+ Green Power Standard. It assures compact shape, lower heat emission, extended product lifetime and a high Meantime Between Failure (MTBF). Our product standard approves -20°C bis +60°C full load over the complete AC-input range and very moderate derating up to +70°C.

Quality is no Offer - it is a Promise: Life-Time made for 24/7

The efficiency of the Camtec power supplies belongs to the world top level. Lower power losses ensure lower heat dissipation. This results in higher life time of all involved components and devices.
Regardless if prototype or a series production – each Camtec switch mode power supply is subject to our strict quality control. The life time (MTTF Mean Time To Failure @ +40°C ambient) of our products, mostly exceed 160.000 hours. This fact comes to more than 18 years of 24/7 operation. The statistic MTTF (Mean Time Between Failure) results in an upper level. Quality means to be consequent – even more concerning the manufacturing base. Camtec Power Supplies GmbH designs and manufactures all products in its own fabrication in Germany. The Camtec understands itself as a manufactory and a specialist – our staff lives quality. In fact it already begins with the feasibility study. ISO9001:2008, Ul-certified fabrication, traceability and the 100% test of each product are no statistic luxury. For us it is the impression of a corporate culture that has just one target in focus – customer satisfaction. Our statistic over a 10 years time period 2003 to 2013 showed a failure rate of 0,004% of all Camtec products sold into the field. Selected sales partners in more than 50 countries locally support our customers.


The engineering of Camtec is trend-setting.


Burn-In-Test for ultimate reliability.


In-Circuit-Test, 100% Function Test and HiPot-Test assure a continuous and a high quality.