• Inrush Current Limiter (ESB) DIN-Rail TS35mm
  • Designed for rough industrial environment
  • Strong unit for large 1-phase arrays up to 10.000uF load capacity
  • Built-in switch mode power supply
  • Advanced passive cooling and over dimensioned limiting resistors




Product Information (PDF)

STEP-Datei (STP)

Data Sheet ESB00351 (PDF)




Model ESB00351
Limiting Peak current 35A for Ton=150ms
Limiting RMS-value 24,8A for Ton=150ms
Limiting Cycle Interval 60s
Low Voltage Detection Toff=100ms
Input Voltage 184 - 264Vac, 47- 63Hz
Nominal voltage 220 - 240Vac
AC Continuous Current 30A
Load capacity 10000uF
Connectors Spring-type-terminal 0,5 - 16mm², 22 -8AWG
Ambient Opearting Temperature -20°C - +70°C no derating
Cooling Natural convection
Dimensions (WxHxD) 195 x 130 x 122mm
Saftey Standards EN61010-1, EN61010-2-201, EN62368-1, EN60204-1, EN60950-1
Special Features Accuracy ±5%, independent from ambient temperature
  Capable of capacitive loads (no restrictions)
  Active & precise measuring circuit
  Bypass circuit
  Built in switch mode power supply