USB2.0 UI.Drive-Interface for the HSEUiREG Models

  • UI.Drive-Interface including UI.Drive-Software
  • Open architecture .COM driver
  • Driver download included
  • Compatibel to WinLab, LabView and others



UI.Drive Interface USB2.0

Model UI.Drive Interface USB2.0
Supply Voltage +5V USB-Port
Current Consumption 115mV typ.
Isolation USB / DC-Output 3000Vac / 4300Vdc
Isolation USB / PE 500Vdc
Isolation DC-Output / PE 2000Vac / 2900Vdc
Resolution AD/DA Converter 12 Bit
Accuracy AD Converter ± 0,05% 15ppm/°C
Accuracy Monitoring Output ± 0,5% max.
Accuracy Control Input U/I ± 0,8% max.
Data Flow Control/Monitor 400ms interval
Remote On/Off forced directly
Install Space additional 22,1mm width (mounted on HSEUiREG model)
UI.Drive Software Microsoft Windows® WIN10
Quantity Power Supplies Software controls up to 10 power supplies 
U / I / Monitoring / Remote manual and automatic via ToolMonitor
Data Logger Yes
Data Record Logfile, customized setup
Script Engine .DLL / .NET Framework
Visualisation Windows
COM Server (DCOM/.NET) UI.Drive -Software controllable via 3rd party software:
  LabView, WinLab, MCD Test Manager, MS Excel, Open Office, others
Export Log File HTML, PDF, E-Mail, Printer
Programming Language MS Visual Studio, C#, C++, Visual Basic