GL1800 / RM1800

  • Charger Electronic Rectifier
  • O-ring N+1 from 1,8KW up to 54KW (1,8KW-steps)
  • Compatible with Eltek RM1800 WBrug, Convertec RM1800
  • Compatible with Eltek Contoller SVS-SM7, Flatpack MCU, Flatpack 2
  • Digital Interface Shunt for Eltek Flatpack 2 Controller available as an option





GL1800 / RM1800

Model GL1800 / RM1800
Rack Mount 6U 21HP
Input AC 230Vac
Input Frequency 47-63Hz / 16 2/3Hz
Output voltage selectable via switch 12/48/36/48/60Vdc
Output current 30A, 25A with 60Vdc
Ripple Ripple mV (@20MHz/50R) 10mV
Inrush current protection Active protection 11A
Mains short circuit IEC inlet male
Control- & Monitoring Signals Sub-D 15pin
Output Voltage Screw Terminal
Efficiency typical > 90%
Ambient Operating Temperature -10°C ... +50°C
Cooling Speed controlled fan
Special Features Monitoring (relay)
  Low inrush current
  Cell voltage set

Float charging


Normal charging


Boost charging