• Unbreakable DC Power Supply (UPS), Subrack, 2U 84HP D=280mm
  • Integrated Battery Pack
  • 2 internal, independent Power Supplies for Continuous Operation and Battery Charging
  • Zero voltage drop at powerswitch between mains supply and battery supply
  • AC-Fail, DC-Fail Charger und Main Power Supply, O-Ring


Product Information (PDF) Data Sheet (PDF)



Power 114W
Master-slave operation Slave-Units for modular capacity expansion available
Master Vout 12V 24V 48V
Continous Current 8A 4A 2A
Backup Capacity 16Ah 8Ah 4Ah
'19''-Subframe' 2U 84HP 280mm
Mains Input 184... 265Vac (230Vac) 47-63Hz
Mains Input Connector Inlet connector male with Lock
Monitoring Relay, piezo-sound interval
AC Power Fail yes
Battery Low Voltage Signaling for relay
Battery O.K. LED & signal
Battery Charger Integrated
Monitoring Battery Charger Relay, Sub-D
Power Supply Active during mains operation for load
Monitoring Power Supply Relay, Sub-D
Short Circuit Protection DC for Battery Thermic fuse, manual resettable
Cooling Natural convection
Efficiency >90% continuous operation
Operating Temperature +10°C... +40°C, IEC60068-2-1
Connection Output Phoenix Power Combicon, screw-lock
Battery Type Built-in, type Panasonic LCR124R5P for cycle operation
GND-Type DC Plus connected GND
PE Connection

Additional for front screw terminals