CPS-EC480 DIN-Rail Battery Charger & Industrial Precision Power

  • C/V pricesely adjustable
  • Current Monitor Imon
  • Perfect C/V chart with no Foldback
  • Power Good Relay AC & DC
  • Remote Shutdown
  • Inhibit (Interlock) Function
  • Sense
  • Natural Cooling
Product Information (PDF) STEP-Datei (STP) Data Sheet (PDF)


Model CPS-EC480
Power 480W
Nominal AC Input 115/230Vac
Input Range AC 90..115Vac/186..265Vac
Input Range DC 250... 375Vdc
Input Frequency 47... 63Hz
Hold-Up Time 50ms
Inrush Current Electronic Inrush Current Limiter 9,8Arms
Autostart Soft start 100ms
Output Voltage 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V 110V 150V 220V 300V
Output Current 20A 13,3A 10A 8A 6,7A 4,4A 3,2A 2,2A 1,6A
DC Voltage Setting 24-30V 36-45V 48-58V 60-75V 72-90V 110-137,5V 132-180V 220-264V 264-360V
DC Current Setting 10-21A 6,6-14A 5-10,5A 4-8,4A 3,4-7A 2,2-4,6A 1,6-3,3A 1,1-2,3A 0,8-1,7A
Ripple & Noise mVpp 40mV 40mV 100mV 150mV 200mV 300mV 400mV 400mV 400mV
Load Regulation  ±0,05% 0-100%
Load Change Response < 1ms 10-100% 100-10%
Efficiency up to 92%
Base load non, continuous open circuit proof
Short Circuit Protection Continuous
Ambient Temperature -20°C... +70°C Operation
Cooling natural cooling
Temperature Control Yes
Dimensions (WxHxD) 200x130x114,5mm IP20
Safety IEC EN60950-1 EN50178 EN60204-1
Safety Class 1(A) VDE0100 VDE0805
Input/Output Isolation 3000Vac
Climatic Class, Humidity 3k3, 95% non condensing
EMI/EMS EN55022B / EN61000-6-2,3
EMS EN61000-6-2,3
MTBF / MTTF IEC61709 400000h / 148312h
Power Good Relay AC & DC low voltage detection, isolated
Features Current-Monitoring, External Shutdown, Inhibit (Interlock), Sense Compensation
Options Protective Coating, Baseplate cooler for hardmount