CPS-EX2000 Embedded & Wallmount, programmable, PFC0.99

  • C/V programming with interface 0-5V
  • C/V programming with internal potis
  • OCP & OVP message
  • Current Share Bus for parallel operation
  • Master Slave Operation
  • Sense Mode
  • AUX +12V 500mA
  • Current Monitoring
  • Voltage Monitoring
  • Remote Shutdown
  • Inhibit (Interlock)
  • DC & AC Power Good Relay open/center/close
  • Fan Monitoring
  • Temperature warning & alarm
  • 6kW in a 2U & 10kW in a 3U subframe, >100kW scalable power system
  • Hard mount in 90° steps
Product Information (PDF) Data Sheet (PDF)



Model CPS-EX2000
Continuous Power 2000W
Nominal Input Voltage 230Vac
Input Voltage Range AC 184..265Vac
Input Voltage Range DC 250... 375Vdc
Input Frequency 47... 63Hz
Hold-up Time 30ms
Inrush Current AC 14,6A RMS / 20,7A peak active electronic protection ±6%
Startautomatic Softstart 100ms
Vout 24V 36V 48V 72V 110V
Vout prog. range or poti 24-30V 30-45V 45-58V 58-90V 90-150V
Iout prog. range or poti 42-84A 28-56A 21-42A 14-28A 9,1-18,2A
Ripply & Boise mVpp 35mV 50mV 75mV 150mV 300mV
Stability Loadswitch ±0,05% 0-100%
Resüonse < 1ms 10-100%
Effeciency 92-94%
Power Faktor PFC 0,99
Load Free Operation Continuous
Short Cicuit Protection Continuous
Ambient Operations -20°C... +60°C
Cooling Stepless controlled fans from EBM-Papst flow front-to-rear, Fan Fail Monitor
Temperature Control Power reduction, Monitor
Dimensions 84x126,4x444mm, 2U or 3U Embedded or hard mount in 90° steps
IP Housing IP20
Safety IEC EN60950-1 EN50178 EN60204-1
Safety Class 1(A) VDE0100 VDE0805
Input- /Output Isolation 3000Vac
Climatic Calss, Humidity 3k3, 90% non-condensing
EMI EN55022B
EMS EN61000-6-2,3
MTBF IEC61709 500000h
Interface Voltage Programming 0-5Vdc or Internal Poti
Interface Current Programming 0-5Vdc or Internal Poti
Interface Voltage Monitoring 0-5Vdc
Interface Current Monitoring 0-5Vdc
Power Good Relay Opern/Center/Close
Remote Shutdown Monitoring
Inhibit (Interlock) Monitoring
Options Protective coating
Accessory 2U & 3U Frontpanel, 2U & 3U Subframe, Hard-Mount-Kit